About As Brothers Fight Ye Club

As Brothers Fight Ye Club was originally a small martial arts exercise event held by a few members of Azul Nox Encampment, O.T.O. beginning in 2012. When Azul Nox began holding summer camp outs, it was transferred to a simple, for fun, Jiu Jitsu event in 2015 for their 4th annual retreat.

In 2015 at the O.T.O. National Convention in Austin, Texas, Br. Sin Rabe, the co-founder of ABFY Club began bringing the idea of a national level group of brethren who would come together to foster friendly competition and fraternity, educate our brothers and sisters in aspects of self-defense, nutrition and exercise and more.

This site is the coming to fruit of that initial vision. As we grow, so will our strength, health, peace, and joys. We hope you will grow with us.

As Brothers Fight Ye Club is dedicated to fraternal relations, self-improvement, and fighting tyranny and oppression.